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About LOYS Technologies

About Technologies and Services

LOYS Technologies (U) Limited is a new-age creative communications solutions and full Multimedia Productions company based in Uganda, East Africa. the company is a privately owned entity, founded & incorporated in 2008 under the Laws of the Republic of Uganda Government as an innovative company focusing on Consultancy, Implementation & Support of state-of-the art Global technology solutions manufactured by International vendors in Enabling infrastructure and the associated Digital strategies for Government Bodies, United Nations Organisations, Foreign assistance Organisations in Development, Schools ,Banks, Private companies among others.

The Company is an IT engineering and multimedia firm that specialize in service of Multimedia Systems Design, Network Design, Development and their other associated Engineering works through integration of the   world leading system development brands, we are the leading providers of top notch systems and services from simple to robust Full-Scale Multimedia, Systems Integration and Construction of Enterprise Communication Networks.

Our mission:
“To provide adaptive communication and public relations solutions to institutions and communities”

The world is a family of People and Communities linked together by Information and communication technologies (ICTs)

Core values:
- Customer first
- Devotion to quality output
- Timely communication and delive

LOYS Technologies Departments:

LOYS Technologies Services are classified based on the five departments that comprise the companies setup to enable quick service delivery and dedicated support to clients, our departments work together with international vendors and manufacturers to recieve regular training that enables our key staff to support and guarantee quality of service. the departments include:

1. The Engineering and Infrustructure Department
dealing mainly in IT and Communications Systems

Which deals with Planning and Installation of Enterprise wide Network infrastructure for LAN, Digital Signage Systems for Banks, Shopping malls, and Smart cities, Installation of Data Centres, Intrusion Detection, Public Address, Voice Evacuation and Digital Conference Systems, DCIM, Biometrics, Attendence and Access Control System, CCTV & Video Monitoring, Displays and Alarm Systems, Gate Barriers / Bollards / Road Blocker ,Centralized Monitoring Systems, Guard Tour Systems, PSIM – Physical Security Information Management, Video Intercom (Indoor & Outdoor).

2. AudioVisual(AV) and Convergency Systems

LOY Technologies latest in Audio Visual Technology can amaze your audience with a touch or gesture. Innovation in Audio Visual Technology is moving in leaps and bounds, making big impacts in multiple fields from boardrooms to class rooms and voice evacuation systems. Under this Department LOYS technologies provides services that include:

  • Digital Video production and video Coverages.
  • Digital Signage & Display Solutions.
  • Auditorium Solutions, Boardroom & Training Room Setup.
  • Information Displays & Touch Kiosk Complete Automation & Innovative System Integration.
  • Collaborative & Automated Meeting Rooms.
  • Tele-presence Solutions, Multi-sensory Solutions (Audio, Visual, Touch & Gesture based).
  • Elegant & Intelligent Lighting Systems, Interactive LED Systems.
  • Background Music & Public Address System.
  • Public Address Systems Hire.
  • GRMS (Guest Room Management System).

3. Department of Interactive Multimedia and Applications Development :

The Department is responsible for Data and multimedia Technologies Implementation for large scale interactive offline and online applications that include:

  • ERP Implementation
  • Web Based and mobile Applications
  • Custom Web Development
  • Technology Assistance & Planning
  • Technology Evaluation and Consulting
  • Data For Development
  • Database Administration Support
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Nimble and Agile
  • Document Management Services
  • Business Process Management Services

3. Division of office supplies, Printing, Branding, Advocacy and media Campaing

The Department is responsible for Production of clients Marketing materials through Branding, labelling, designing Artwork and Graphics, printing, production of Time Based Media outputs such as TV Commercials, Documentaries, Coverage of fillms,Weddings, Interactive presentations, Corporate presentations, Product presentations, Marketing presentations, Futuristic Impressions, Video presentations (AV), 2D Animations & 3D Animations, 3D Modeling, 3DWalkthroughs-learning Material design, Production and supply of wears, corporate gifts, Safety boats, protective Gears and production of broadcast Solutions like TV commercials, Radio jingles.

4. Supply of Office products, Printer Consumables, Electronics and Systems Maintennence.

The Department is responsible for all clients supplies management that includes installations, warranty management, supply of Office products like Computers, printers, Catridges and Toners, Paper, stationery, pens along with other clients requirements like Network equipment, Laptops, Phones and tablets, Cameras, projectors, Screens, home appliancies, Television sets, LED Screen installations and video walls accessories, Signage Screens, Touch Tables, Cables, Solar batteries, Panels and Solar Chargers.

5 . Finance and Administration Departments

The department is responsible for Accounts activities, Recruitment , Documentation, Marketing and monitoring warranty agreements for clients projects and installations on behalf of the international Partner solutions provided.

We proudly state that we are one of the country’s leading IT and engineering firm that provides all multimedia and engineering works under one roof house showcasing the best talent, professionalism and consultants for IT and engineering works in the region. Our Staff recieve regular training from international manufacurers of brands that we provide that keep them updated with skills that match technology innovations of vendor solutions upgrades.

LOYS technologies also provides human Capacity Development through provision of internships and tailor-made training from our services and products portfolios plus those of our partners solutions for supplies and Services that enables the company to guarantee customer service for maintenance of systems and assurance of warranty issues for vendor solutions and products. We continue to bridge genuine demand by sources being products and services from us or our certified partners.

for more information contact: loys Technologies (U) Limited, P.O. Box 1285 Kampala, Uganda Email: info@loystechnologies.co.ug